Thursday, September 12, 2013

Because I love you....

Dear Doll Face,

Today we went to the park, and I started thinking about what kind of person you would grow up to be. I let you run ahead of me and you took me where you wanted to go. I walked behind you and let you take the lead. I did this, not because I cannot keep up with you, but because I want you to learn to make your own way. I want you to grow to be a strong independent young lady that knows exactly where is is going. At times, you got a little lost and you would look back at me. I smiled softly at you and gave you a reassuring nod to keep going. This was all you needed. You darted faster in front of me. I would quicken my pace when I saw you running faster but would also give you space to do what you needed to do. I will always gave you space to grow and be your own person, but if you ever need me, I will never be too far behind.

I stepped back while you played on the playground equipment and watched as you tried to make friends. You don't get to be around a lot of little children, so you were excited to be there. You tried making friends but sometimes the little children around you didn't seem interested. I saw the look of sadness on your face and l desperately wanted to swoop you in my arms and carry you away. But I held back, and let you continue to play. At one point, you looked at me and I smiled at you letting you know I was still there. Soon, you had a little friend and this made you so happy. You played with this little child for a while, and I could see you lost in your glee. You probably forgot I was there, and that is okay. Because even if you get lost in happiness with other people, I will always be there. Always.

At one point, you fell down. I helped you up and dusted you off. Gave you a quick hug and told you to keep playing. In life, you might fall a lot, but the important thing is not to feel bad about it, but to keep going. To keep moving forward and not let these falls define who you are. It does not matter how many times you fall, what matters is what you do when you get back up. And if you happen to fall too hard, and need a hug, know that your Mommy will always be there for you.

Because I love you, I will always give you room to grow. Because I love you, I will always be there for you. Because I love you, I will always try to find ways to be a better parent for you. Because I love you, even a trip to the park will become a lesson for both of us. Because I love you.




  1. You are an amazing mama DollFace is lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing this moment you had with her.

  2. I love this post! I also love Fairy Tale Town :)

    I added you to my blog feed and cannot wait to read more adventures about you and Doll Face.

  3. That is great, and your right it will do a lot of good for the both of you. Awesome job mommy.