Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I've decided to live my life...

It's been about two, three, maybe even four weeks since I have been logged out of Facebook. It's not that I necessarily hate Facebook... but sometimes I find myself so consummed with social media that I forget to live my life. I forget to take the time to appreciate everything around me. So I have to unplug myself from all that, specifically from Facebook, and just live.

I've found that I get more done when I am away for a little while. Which is why I kinda dropped the ball on blogging. It's a funny predicament to be in since I really love the connection that being on social media brings, but like I said it is all consumming. I am bad at balancing things sometimes, so when this happens, I have to set a priority to my family and less to my social media aspect of life.

Being productive feels good. My creative juices have been flowing with my extra time. And it feels amazing.

I was going to stay away from blogging as well, but I often find myself thinking "Oh, this would make a good blog post." I love sharing. It is just who I am, so while I might not be on Facebook as much, I do LOVE blogging and have to get in the habit of coming back to it.

I've missed you all! Hope you guys/gals are having a good week. Look out for some new posts this week! I have a lot that I want to share.

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